2023 Trend Report

We find ourselves at the dawn of a new era in which resellers are pioneering innovative approaches to tackle the ongoing issue of apparel overproduction and reshaping the industry for good.

Resale Market Primed for Significant Expansion

This Trend Report reveals inspiring insights from 2023, demonstrating that resellers are pivotal players in fashion's promising trajectory. Through collective action and collaboration, resellers have the power to redefine the future of the fashion industry. Vendoo is here to be the tool for change for all resellers.

What’s Inside:
  • Market Trends

  • Resale Competitive Landscape

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Vendoo User Insights

  • Top Categories by Marketplace

& so much more!

Based on the last 12 months, users that relisted sold 7.5x the amount of items compared to those that didn't relist any items.

From Friday until Sunday is when users have the most sales, with Sundays peaking at 20% more sales than weekdays on average.

Users who compare prices sell 50% more on average.

Users that list items at least 20 days a month have twice the sales.

Vendoo users who regularly Delist/Relist their inventory make 33% more sales.

Users that list in 3 or more marketplaces have a sell-through-rate that is 180% higher.

Users who list more than 20 items per month have a sell-through-rate that is 2x higher than users that list 10 or few items per month.