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Our Story

Vendoo is a minority-owned startup consisting of four young entrepreneurs from the Washington, DC area. Our CEO, Thomas Rivas, identified a void in the market and decided to create Vendoo while experiencing the usual pain points of trying to sell items on multiple marketplaces. After the team was assembled, we began building the software in 2017. Each team member has a different skill set, from full-time reselling experience to software development, and provides a unique perspective on how to solve the common inconveniences of the reselling experience.

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Our Vision

At Vendoo, our vision is to be the #1 reselling tool in the world. We are creating a software that will allow resellers to run their business more efficiently by providing convenience at every step of the process, from sourcing inventory to shipping orders. We want sellers to be able to fully run their business across multiple marketplaces without having to leave our site.

Our Mission

We want to empower and help resellers save time, grow and learn more about their business.

Vendoo is a software that helps resellers save time and make more money.

Meet The Team

Thomas Rivas is Vendoo's CEO

Thomas Rivas  

Thomas is our founder and strategic leader. He has long been involved in the reselling space, as he navigated through sites such as eBay, Grailed and Amazon. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in International Business and Marketing. While in college, Thomas collected technical experience having built various web and Android apps.

Chris Amador is Vendoo's CTO

Chris Amador

Chris is a lifelong coder and a mastermind in website frameworks. He has previously worked and freelanced at various startups, marketing agencies, and companies in the DC area. He has over 10 years of UX/UI design and front-end programming experience.

Josh is Vendoo's CMO

Josh Dzime-Assison 

Josh is a successful full-time reseller and he has been doing so for over 10 years. He has run multiple blogs and social media accounts for various companies. He was previously the owner of a physical sneaker store and has also worked as an image consultant and stylist for numerous musicians and professional athletes. Josh has a keen eye for fashion trends and his skill set has made him into an up-and-coming reselling influencer on social media.

Ben Martinez is Vendoo's COO

Ben Martinez

Ben is a sales savvy entrepreneur with extensive managerial experience in a wide range of roles. He gained business and marketing experience when he partnered with an affiliate marketing company and built a team of over 265 active consumers and directly sold over $75,000 of product within six months.


Fabián Luna
Full Stack Developer

Daniel  Valencia
Full Stack Developer

Luis Ruiz
Full Stack Developer

Gabriel Cordeiro
Product Owner

Nelson Arbeláez
Full Stack Developer

Tatiana Tamayo
Team QA lead

Jonattan Beltrán
Product Designer

Tiago  Miranda
Full Stack Developer

Matheus Teixeira
Team Lead Developer

Mayra Tabares
QA Engineer

Estevão Procopio
Full Stack Developer

Facundo Petre
Full Stack Developer


Ale Vásquez
VP of Marketing

Mariana Osorio
Visual Designer

Deanna Balestra
Social Media and Community Manager

Emmanuel Ruiz
Growth Hacker

Erynn Gifford
Content Creator

Daneen Tellez
Field Marketing Specialist


Juan  Cárdenas
Customer Service Representative

Nathalia Loaiza
Customer Service Representative

Daniela Gil
Customer Service Representative

Mariana Dávila
Customer Service Representative


Johanna Trujillo
Administrative Assistant/HR

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