Why Resellers are Choosing Vendoo Over OneShop!

Discover the app that rules them all. Vendoo is the most robust and extensive software for inventory management, crosslisting, and bookkeeping. It’s your reselling business, only better.

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Vendoo Helps You Easily Crosslist Inventory On Ten Of The Most Popular Selling Platforms:

Poshmark Crosslister for resellers - Vendoo
eBay - Crosslister for resellers - Vendoo
Facebook Marketplace Vendoo
Mercari - Crosslisting app for resellers
Depop Crosslisting app for resellers
Vendoo - Crosslisting app for resellers
Vestiarire Collective Vendoo Marketplace
Vestiarire Collective Vendoo Marketplace
Crosslisting App for Kidizen - Vendoo
Vendoo Shopify

So much more than a crosslisting app!

Removal of sold items from marketplaces

Post to The Most Marketplaces
Crosspost seamlessly to 10 different marketplaces in just a matter of clicks

Vendoo Analytics Feature

Sales Tracker
Access sale detection and auto delist and the best analytics for reselling businesses to track and grow your sales more efficiently

Expand Your Business With Vendoo

Bulk Delist and Relist
One of our best selling features available for all plans and platforms to keep your inventory fresh and your listing faster

Vendoo Community

Community Resources
Vendoo has all of the tools to empower you and help your business thrive, plus live chat customer service 7 days a week

Plans + Pricing

VENDOO:7 plan options for resellers ranging from beginners to pro sellers, starting from FREE to $149.99
*ALL plans include all features

ONESHOP: 7 day free trial and 1 plan option at $45 per month

Why Vendoo is the Best Crosslister


Crossposting to 10 marketplaces (3 marketplaces per item)

Unlimited Crossposting

High-Resolution Image Hosting, Editing & Resizing

Downloadable Inventory Spreadsheets

Custom Labels

Profit Tracking & Business Analytics

Custom Listing Templates & Default Preferences

Stale Listing Reminders

SellHound Price Checker Tool

Live Customer Support 7 Days a Week

Add ons for your specific business needs

Mobile App

Listing templates

Assistant bots

Auto Delist y esta solo Auto Delist

PhotoRoom Background Remover

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With Vendoo you have no hidden fees! No matter how much you make in sales, we will only charge the monthly rate you choose. 

We want to help your reselling business thrive. That’s why we offer plans to fit all business sizes starting at $8.99/month.

Trust us, we're the experts in the field!

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Items Created in Vendoo


Active Listings


Customer Support Satisfaction

Vendoo testimonial

“I chose Vendoo over OneShop as it was easier for me to understand. I am not very computer savvy, so Vendoo was much easier for me to work with.”
Annette Marie

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