Save Time

Crosspost your items to multiple platforms in a fraction of the time.

Make more money selling online by crosslisting with Vendoo

Make More Money

Crossposting to multiple marketplaces multiplies the visibility of your items, which means more sales!

Organize your reseller inventory in Vendoo

Organize Your Inventory

Filter, search and store UNLIMITED inventory effortlessly in one centralized place!

Vendoo - Business Analytics for Resellers

Improve Your Way of Selling

NEW FEATURE: Access revenue and sales data to take actionable steps towards growing your business.

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Access Sales Data and Make Data-Driven Decisions
About Your Business

Our new Analytics feature gives you powerful insights about your reselling business. Your data, including your top marketplaces, brands and categories, will be clearly displayed with charts and graphs.

Crosspost Easily Onto Multiple Marketplaces

Quickly create item listings without having to manually copy/paste your information. Our convenient listing form allows you to fill in the information for multiple marketplaces at the same time.

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Store and Manage Your Inventory in One Place

With Vendoo, all of your item listings and sales from each marketplace are clearly displayed in one place. You can filter, sort and store UNLIMITED  items easily to improve productivity and stay organized.
Avoid the hassle of filling in spreadsheets by using our downloadable CSV feature! 

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Quickly Delist and
Relist Items

The Delist/Relist feature is a way to remove a listing from a marketplace and then post it as a new listing. In addition to refreshing old inventory, this feature also allows you to delist your sold items from the remaining marketplaces with one click.

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Easily Import Your Existing Listings

If you're new to Vendoo, you can bring your existing listings from any of our compatible marketplaces into your Vendoo inventory with just a few clicks.

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See what Vendoo users are saying:

The app is amazing, very helpful. Customer service is amazing! If I have a question I always get a response in minutes. You guys listen to your customers. I’m a solo owner so it’s hard doing everything by myself but with the help of Vendoo it saves me so much time. I can post more on multiple marketplaces in a very short time”

eBay Treasure Hunter

See what Vendoo users are saying:

“OMG I just realized that I’m finally ready to add another platform to my selling life. I just joined Mercari. This is only possible because of Vendoo! Because of Vendoo I am now on Poshmark eBay and Mercari! Thank you for all you do”

Maria Mirabella
Vendoo's Testimonial

See what Vendoo users are saying:

“Y’all. Let’s talk about Vendoo. As a reseller on multiple platforms, Vendoo has changed the game for my business. It allows me to list, relist, crosspost and import my listing in a matter of seconds! Yep, you read that right, seconds. It has streamlined the entire process in an easy to use platform and saves me hours upon hours of listing and crossposting time! My only regret, I didn’t sign up sooner! “

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