Multichannel Listing Tool for High-Volume Resellers

Vendoo simplifies multichannel selling for larger reselling businesses. Easily bulk upload and manage your inventory across multiple marketplaces, including those without APIs.

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Sync Your Inventory Across Multiple Marketplaces

How it works:

Select the marketplaces you would like to list on; we also include ones without APIs. Choose eBay, Poshmark, Grailed, Mercari, Shopify, Depop, Etsy, or Kidizen, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Choose the source and what items you would like to get crossposted. We support any platform you already have your items on! We can even build a custom-made integration for you.

Let Vendoo handle your listings. We create custom category mapping to match the marketplace requirements.

Watch your business expand easily and sell all your inventory effortlessly.

Other benefits that will help you save time and expand your multichannel business with ease:

Bulk Actions

Make bulk edits to titles, descriptions, prices, and many more fields. You can also delist sold items in bulk to avoid double selling.

Custom Rules

Create special rules for your listings, like automatically applying price adjustments for marketplaces with higher fees.

VIP Customer Support

Take advantage of premium support from a dedicated account executive. We also provide consulting services and technical assistance.

Custom-Made Listing Solutions

This service is tailored to your specific needs. We can build custom listing forms to help you create items faster or make other adjustments to fit your process.

Ready To Talk?

If your business is ready to expand, boost sales, and reach new heights, schedule a call to learn more about Vendoo’s enterprise services.

Vendoo Enterprise FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Vendoo Enterprise:

What is the difference between Vendoo Enterprise and a regular Vendoo subscription?

A basic Vendoo subscription includes access to numerous reseller tools, including crosslisting, inventory management, analytics, and more! With a basic subscription, Vendoo provides the tools for resellers to use to run their business.

With a Vendoo Enterprise subscription, the Vendoo team does all of the work for you. The experience can be hands-off for you as we handle the listing, delisting, inventory management, and more.


What is the cost of Vendoo Enterprise services?

The cost of Vendoo Enterprise varies as each plan is personalized and tailored to your needs. We will learn your needs and agree to services during a free consultation. From there, we can provide you with a quote.

What are the qualifications for Vendoo Enterprise clients?
The qualifications for Vendoo Enterprise clients are not concrete. However, the service is designed for high-volume sellers that list a minimum of 1,000 units per month and wish to hire us to provide services to facilitate sales.


How does the Vendoo Enterprise process work?

The process will vary based on needs, but generally:

First, we will meet with you to determine your business needs and how we can accomplish them. We will create a contract for the scope of services and execute them daily in accordance with your preferences. 


Where can I learn more about Vendoo Enterprise?

You can schedule a call with our Enterprise Team so we can learn more about your business and how Vendoo Enterprise can help! 

Vendoo Enterprise is a great opportunity for large-volume sellers to help with the daily operations of a business, save time, and make more sales!If you are interested in learning more or meeting with the Vendoo Team, schedule a consultation here.

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