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Vendoo Allows Users to Crosspost to and Import Items From the Following Marketplaces:

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Benefits of Selling on Online Marketplaces

By selling on a multiple marketplaces instead of just one, you can:
Selling on online Marketplaces
  • Get many eyes on your listings and products

  • Give your business and brand more leverage as many marketplaces are community-driven and are likely to already have millions of users

  • Depending on the type of products you sell you can select the marketplace as some of them tend to have niche or focus on specific products

  • Getting started on a marketplace is simpler and easier than building your own website

  • Marketplaces are popular and tend to be the go-to place for potential buyers

How Does an Online Marketplace Work?

Marketplaces work by connecting buyers and sellers. Getting started on most marketplaces only takes a few steps of creating and setting up your account. 

Most marketplaces require you to create listings of the product you’re looking to sell with a detailed written description and photos. 

There are different types of marketplaces that operate by charging users monthly subscriptions, sign up fees, commissions, selling feeds, or some may even implement more than one revenue option.

Listing of high-volume inventory to 8 marketplaces, including the ones without APIs

Best Strategies to Sell on Marketplaces

Vendoo is the leading crossposting software

Add the size, brand, type of item and any additional details that are important to highlight about your products

Vendoo Community

Be community-driven, support other businesses by liking their products and commenting on them

Expand Your Business With Vendoo

Take good photos and preferably take photos in clean-white backgrounds

Bulk delist and relist stale listings, to turn them into brand new listings on your preferred marketplaces.

Vendoo is the leading crossposting software

Create detailed product descriptions

Hands-off listing & delisting of inventory

Constantly list products and keep your profile active

Expand Your Business With Vendoo