How To Sell On Tradesy, The Best Choice For Designer Brand Clothing Resale

Tradesy is a women-owned and led reselling platform designed with high-end fashion shoppers in mind. Use Vendoo to crosslist your high-end fashion items to Tradesy and reach new audiences.

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Tradesy has been acquired by Vestiaire Collective and is no longer in operation. If you're interested in exploring more about Vestiaire Collective and how to list with Vendoo, check out this page for additional information.

What Is The Tradesy App?

Tracy DiNunzio launched Tradesy in 2009 in an effort to give women a safe place to buy and sell gently used designer brand clothing. A unique feature of Tradesy is that they actively review photos to help authenticate items and eliminate counterfeit items. It is easy to list and sell your second-hand finds and there are several shipping options to choose from.

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How Does Tradesy Work With Vendoo?

Tradesy is one of the many platforms you can crosslist to using the Vendoo software. Vendoo helps you manage inventory across multiple selling platforms giving you the ability to:

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  • Manage inventory

  • Crosslist inventory to multiple marketplaces

  • Track sales data and delist sold items

  • View detailed analytics to help you make informed decisions

  • Sort and label inventory using custom labels and SKU fields

  • Relist stale inventory, making them fresh listings again

The Pros Of Selling High-End Items On Tradesy

Tradesy has a team of experts vigilantly searching listings for fakes. Also, items, where a return case for authenticity is opened, end up being shipped directly to Tradesy for authentication. This gives buyers peace of mind and makes them feel comfortable paying higher prices for designer items on this platform. 
With Tradesy you do not need to worry about sharing items, parties, or other social aspects of selling. Buyers pay for shipping which benefits seller’s on this app. Your listings will benefit by keeping fresh using the delisting and relisting feature on Vendoo.

Selling On Tradesy: Step By Step

Starting a Tradesy account is easy and it is free to create listings on this platform. You will only pay a fee when an item sells.

1. Create An Account

You can create your account on the Tradesy website or download their app from your phone’s app store and create an account from there.

Selling On Tradesy: Step By StepSelling On Tradesy: Step By Step

2. Create Your First Tradesy Listing:

Start with amazing photos! Make sure your items are clean, ironed, and photo-ready. Tradesy will automatically remove the background and add a white background to your cove photos.

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3. Listing Tips For Tradesy:

  • Take great photos, include a photo of any serial numbers or methods of authentication. Also, make sure to photograph any flaws.

  • Craft a well-worded title with keywords

  • Write a detailed listing description including style, fabric, color, condition, and any other star features.

  • Select a category for your item that best fits.

Selling On Tradesy: Step By Step

4. Shipping Sales Made On Tradesy:

Tradesy gives you three shipping options, one of which is quite unique to the platform. The cost of shipping is added to the price so that the buyer is charged. Here are your three shipping options on Tradesy:

1-Request a kit - Tradesy will send you branded mailers and a shipping label (a box, polymailer, etc). Please note, it takes 3-5 days for the kit to arrive, delaying shipping to the buyer. Shipping rates vary depending on materials and weight. 
2- Request a pre-paid label. The buyer will be charged $12.80 for shipping. 
3- Ship on your own. With this method, you can get a cheaper rate for shipping and charge the buyer as part of the listing cost or enter $0 to offer free shipping.

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Is Tradsey Legit? Learn About Their Authentication System:

Tradesy offers an “authenticity promise” to its buyers. They have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to replicas or misrepresented items. They use advanced technology to automatically detect certain red flags with 99.7% accuracy. Users can also report suspicious items they see for review. 

If you think an item you purchased is fake, you can ship it at no cost to Tradesy headquarters for authentication. 

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Tradesy?

Keeping in mind that Tradesy is meant to deal in high-end items,  their fees look a little steep compared to other platforms. However, with the higher prices an item can command on this platform it may be worth it. 

For items sold under $50 there is a flat fee of $7.50.For items sold over $50 there is a 19.8% fee. 

Tradesy also charges a 2.9% transaction fee when you transfer money from the platform to your own bank account. 

You can also choose store credit on the Tradesy platform and pay no fees.

Top Items For Resellers To Sell On Etsy:

best Selling Items on Mercari
  • Handmade Jewelry

  • Vintage Jewelry

  • Handmade Clothes

  • Altered or Upcycled Clothes

  • Vintage Dresses

  • Retro Funky Sweaters

  • Vintage Grandpa Sweaters

  • GrannyCore Women’s Vintage

Reselling On Tradsey - FAQs For This Unique Platform

  • Who pays for shipping on Tradesy?

    The buyer is meant to pay the shipping fees and they are added to the listing cost.

  • How much can you earn on Tradesy?

    This totally depends on how many items you sell. The more items you list, the more chances you have for sales. Focus on high-end designers or hard-to-find items for this marketplace.

  • What brands sell best on Tradesy?

    Brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Lululemon, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade are among the top sellers. 

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