How to Sell Fast on Depop: Step by Step Guide

Depop is a relatively new sales platform, providing a somewhat level playing field for even the newest resellers. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get off to a great start on Depop.

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What is Depop?

At first glance, Depop is simply an e-commerce platform where people can buy and sell secondhand, new, vintage, or deadstock clothing and accessories. Depop is unique, however, because out of its 30 million registered users, around 90% of them are under the age of 26. This means that no other reseller platform understands and caters to gen Z like Depop!

How Does Vendoo Work With Depop?

Vendoo makes it possible for you to easily expand to new marketplaces like Depop with powerful crosslisting tools with photo storage that doesn’t lose quality. 

You can track your inventory across multiple marketplaces, including delisting sold items when something sells. The Vendoo analytics will also keep you informed of your best-selling platforms and categories. 

With Vendoo you can also:

How to sell products on Facebook Marketplace
  • Manage reseller inventory on multiple platforms

  • Crosspost to 10 different marketplaces (and growing)

  • Delist and relist stale listings with bulk actions and a stale listing warning system

  • Access analytics to help make important business decisions

Things To Know Before Selling On Depop

When you make a choice to expand to a new platform, you want to make sure you know what you’ll be getting into. Listing is pretty straightforward on all platforms but things like shipping and fees can vary quite a bit.

  • Depop Fees:

    Depop charges a 10% fee including the shipping cost on whatever item sells. This is lower than many other marketplaces.

  • Depop Shipping:

    You have two shipping options with Depop. You can arrange your own shipping with a carrier that offers a tracking number, or you can use a Depop label. 
    Depop label prices at the time of this article: 
    Extra-small:  $3.75  (First Class - less than 4oz)
    Small:  $4.75  (First Class - less than 8oz)
    Medium:  $6.75  (First Class - less than 1lb)
    Large:  $11  (Priority Mail - less than 2lb)Extra-large:  $15  (Priority Mail - less than 10lb)

  • Depop Buyer Protection:

    On Depop, buyers and sellers have to agree on returns. Depop supports buyers wanting a refund on items that are significantly not as described or for missing items. All transactions have to be made through Depop.

Reselling Your Clothes On Depop:
Everything You Need To Know

Signing up for Depop is easy, but listing your items in a way that ensures sales is a little more tricky. Here are some helpful tips to help you get started.

  • Set Up Your Depop Shop

    Depop is designed to be used on your mobile phone. While you can use a desktop, you’ll find it easy enough to download the app and create an account for free right on your smartphone.

  • Photograph Your Items

    Depop is the only selling platform that only allows 4 photos and 1 video. Make sure your cover photo really sells the item. Photos that are modeled on a real person work best but flat lays also work.

  • Write Informative Descriptions

    Make sure to describe the item by type, fabric, style, color, and any other distinctive features. Depop also uses hashtags, use all 5 that you are allowed.

  • Set Competitive Prices

    Look around the app for similar items to your to see what the going rate is on Depop. Keep in mind, the same item can fetch different prices on specific platforms so give the most weight to the comparable prices you find on Depop itself.

Depop Tips: Learn How To Make More Sales On Depop

  • Social Media (Go viral, or go home.)

    Depop users swear by using TikTok to make their inventory go viral. You can also use an Instagram account to gain views.

  • Drop Stock Consistently

    Listing new items daily is a great way to boost yourself in the Depop algorithm. You can also use Vendoo to create drafts in advance, relist items on days you don’t have new listings, or bump up stale inventory.

  • Leverage Depop Reviews

    Also strive to give great customer service by shipping as quickly as possible, packing your item professionally, and being polite in messages. Good customer reviews will make future customers feel safe ordering from you.

  • Set Competitive Prices And Use Discounts

    Over-pricing items can keep them in your inventory longer. Make sure to watch your inventory and tweak pricing over time to adjust to the current market. You can also use Depop discount features to put your items on sale periodically.

Reselling On Depop - FAQs

  • Is Depop Safe?

    Selling on platforms like Depop is relatively safe as long as you follow their guidelines and never do transactions outside of the app.

  • Can I sell on Depop without Paypal?

    Depop does not have its own payment system and for now, relies on Paypal. To be a seller on Depop you must have a verified PayPal account.

  • How do refunds work on Depop?

    Depop largely leaves refunding up to a negotiation between the buyer and seller. Sellers are only required to allow a refund for missing items or items that were not as described. Buyers can also choose to allow refunds for other reasons at their discretion.

  • How fast do I get paid on Depop?

    One of the biggest benefits of Depop over other platforms is that you receive your money immediately. You do not have to wait for the item to arrive or be processed before hitting your account.

  • What packaging should I use for Depop?

    You can use recycled shipping boxes, new boxes, or poly mailers for Depop.

  • Can I ship using my own method on Depop?

    Depop offers discounted shipping labels based on weight. Sometimes you can find cheaper shipping on your own with Paypal or discount postage sites. As long as your shipping method comes with a tracking number, you are allowed to use it.

  • What are the Depop selling fees?

    Depop charges a modest 10% selling fee, you may also get a small fee from Paypal for using their service.

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