How to Sell on Mercari

Learn about Mercari shipping, fees and more!

What Is Mercari?

Mercari is a marketplace where sellers and buyers can exchange goods in an easy way. Mercari now has 20 million active users in the US only. Users can sell a wide variety of products ranging from electronics, toys, games, apparel, and much more. 

Is Mercari legit? 

Exploring the option to sell on this marketplace is definitely worth it as it is known for its rapid growth and user-friendly features.

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How Does Selling on Mercari Work?

Getting started on Mercari is actually very easy, as creating an account only takes minutes. It’s just important that you are familiar with and accept their Terms of Service before getting started.

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How Can You Use Vendoo to Leverage Your Items on Mercari?

Whether you already resell on Mercari or are looking to expand to this popular marketplace, Vendoo offers the option to crosspost to 10 different marketplaces including Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Etsy and more. 

If your reseller inventory already lives on a specific marketplace, you can import your listings to Vendoo and then crosspost to Mercari. Vendoo also offers features such as business analytics, inventory management, and delisting and relisting to refresh stale listings with just a few clicks.

How to Sell on the Mercari App?

1. Create a Mercari account

You can either fill out the form shown in the sign up page or sign up using your Facebook account.

Reseller analytics tool view your total revenue and profit (after fees), and view each by marketplace.How to Sell on the Mercari App?

2. Create your listing, adding a title and a description

This is a very simple step. Mercari allows you to add an 80 character title and up to 1000 characters in the description.

Reseller analytics tool view your total revenue and profit (after fees), and view each by marketplace.

3. Take high quality photos

In order to ensure a successful sale, make sure to add good quality photos showing all the details of the product, you can add up to 12 photos for a listing.

Reseller analytics tool view your total revenue and profit (after fees), and view each by marketplace.

4. Provide shipping information

In this section, you can either choose if the item is available for pick up or shipping. As well as ship with a Mercari label or create your own.

How to Sell on the Mercari App?

5. And last but not least, choose your preferred payment method

can choose direct deposit or instant pay. Direct deposit transfers to your bank account it’s usually processed the next business day but can take up to 5 business days, while instant pay takes minutes and charges a $2 fee.

How to Sell on the Mercari App?

How much does it cost to sell on Mercari?

Here are Mercari selling fees:
Mercari Fees are approximately 13%; that is, a 10% commission fee and 2.9% plus $0.30 in processing fees.
For example if you sell an item for $20, you will make $17.12 (less your COG and shipping costs).

Tips for Selling on Mercari:

  • Frequently delist and relist your listings to keep them new and fresh

  • Send offers to likers

  • Promote listings

  • Make sure all the details of your listing are highlighted in the description and photo to ensure the buyer know exactly what they’re purchasing

      Your Best Option to Resell Your Inventory!
      Your Best Option to Resell Your Inventory!

      Your Best Option to Resell Your Inventory!

      With Vendoo you can:

      • Import existing listings from multiple marketplaces

      • Filter and manager your inventory with Vendoo labels

      • Give your listings more visibility by crossposting them

      • Access sales and profit data about your business

      Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Mercari:


      How long does it take to sell on Mercari?

      It all depends on you! As long as your listings are clear, you provide clear photos and your prices aren’t too far off from what usually sells on Mercari, your items are likely to sell fast! However, if there are any stale listings on your Mercari profile we advise you to delist and relist and this will put fresh eyes on your listing.


      How old do you have to be to sell on Mercari?

      You must be 18 or older to be allowed to sell on Mercari.


      Is it safe to sell on Mercari?

      Yes, it is safe to sell on Mercari. However, make sure to follow Mercari’s guidelines and make sure that all the selling process happens in the platform itself.


      How long do listings stay on Mercari?

      Listings on Mercari stay up permanently. However we strongly advise you to delist and relist your listings after 15 days or 30 days if there’s no activity on them.

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