How to Sell on Grailed: Expand Your Online Marketplaces With Vendoo

Grailed is the one-stop destination for buying, selling and exploring fashion! Grailed is a place for men’s and women’s style, with best sellers being designer, sneakers, streetwear and vintage.

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What is Grailed and How Does Their Site Work?

Grailed is a web-based marketplace (with a user-friendly mobile app) where users can buy and sell men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. It is one of the most popular marketplaces for designer clothing, streetwear, vintage, shoes and so much more. 

Some of Grailed's top-selling brands are Supreme, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Nike, Prada, Rick Owens and many others.

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How Does Grailed Work With Vendoo?

With Vendoo you can:
Vendoo is the leading crossposting software

Crosspost to multiple marketplaces including Grailed

Vendoo is the leading crossposting software

Access analytics about your Grailed business such as:

  • how much you sold

  • How much profit you made

  • Your top selling categories and more

Vendoo is the leading crossposting software

Manage and filter your reseller inventory with custom labels

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How to Sell Clothing on Grailed, Step by Step:

Selling on Grailed is very similar to selling on marketplaces like Poshmark, Mercari or Depop.

Listing an item is as easy as filling in the blanks with general information about your item, such as title, brand, condition, color, measurements and a few other detail fields.

Here are some steps to follow:

Tips for Selling on Clothes on Grailed:

Be sure to include a detailed description with item measurements

Make sure the clothes are in good condition

Price your products fairly by looking at comps or using the Sellhound app

Make sure to take good photos of your items highlighting wear or damage

Be willing to negotiate and accept offers

Offers are binding. When you accept an offer, the payment is made instantly and the transaction is completed.

Selling on Grailed Using Vendoo: The Best Option to Start on a New Marketplace

Once you’ve listed your item to Grailed, their expert moderators will review your photos to determine the item’s authenticity. When the item has been approved, Grailed will add an “Authenticated” label to the item page that will give the buyer the confidence that the item is authentic.

Note this is only available for qualifying items.

Vendoo and Grailed: Take Your Reselling Business to Another Level

Aside from allowing users to crosspost to up to 10 different marketplaces, with Vendoo you can also easily manage your inventory with the following features:

Vendoo is the leading crossposting software

Filter your items based on their status (Active, Draft or Sold)

Vendoo is the leading crossposting software

Easily import your existing Grailed listings into your Vendoo inventory

Expand Your Business With Vendoo

Use the Vendoo labels feature to create a custom inventory system

Budget Price Vendoo Resellers Software

Filter by date, alphabetical order, price or SKU number


 Is It Safe to Sell On Grailed? Is Grailed Legit?

Yes! Grailed has a team of moderators that inspect every item as it’s listed onto the platform. Once your item has been reviewed, an authentication label is added to your listing so that buyers can purchase with confidence. 

With applicable transactions, sellers are also protected by PayPal in the event of a dispute or problem with the transaction.

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How Do I Change My PayPal Email Address on Grailed?

You can change your Paypal account by clicking on your profile photo and selecting the Settings tab. You’ll see an option at the bottom to change your Merchant Account. When you click that link, you’ll be given the option to change your linked PayPal account.


How do I Get Paid on Grailed?

When you make a sale, the money will be deposited instantly into your linked PayPal account.


What are the differences between the seller markets: Grailed, Hype, Sartorial and Core?

Grailed is for high-quality, coveted items that can span across any genre. They are typically from well-known luxury designers and in wearable condition (Saint Laurent, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, etc). 
Hype is for new streetwear releases and the latest drops (Supreme, Air Jordan, Yeezy).
Sartorial is for high-end classic menswear, ranging from clothing to footwear, from brands like Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford, and Alden. Core is for well-known, mass market brands, as well as vintage clothing.


How do I become a trusted seller on Grailed?

As a seller, you can earn badges on Grailed that let potential buyers know that you’re a reliable seller. You can earn a Quick Responder badge by consistently responding to your incoming messages within 12 hours. You can earn a Speedy Shipper badge by shipping items quickly and uploading tracking information within 3 days of receiving the payment. Lastly, you can earn a Trusted Seller badge by completing 20 transactions with an overall feedback score of at least 4.8 out of 5.