A Kidizen Review: The Best Marketplace For Selling Kids Clothes Online

Kidizen is the top marketplace and community for shopping, selling, and sharing kids’ style. They also have a mama section for moms!

What is Kidizen and how does it work?

Kidizen is a mobile-first marketplace where users can buy and sell kids' clothing and accessories. It is also known as one of the most popular marketplaces for this market. 

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Is Kidizen legit?

Yes, Kidizen is a legitimate marketplace and one of the most popular platforms to sell and buy on. Some of Kidizen's top-selling brands are Patagonia, Zara, Hanna Andersson, Matilda Jane, The North Face, Primary, Tea Collection, Hunter, Converse, and many others.

How to Sell Kids Clothes on Kidizen:

Selling on Kidizen

Selling on Kidizen isn't too different from selling on marketplaces like Poshmark or Mercari.

One of the main benefits of Kidizen is that if you sell an item and ship it, the money you earned for that item will be available to you immediately. There’s two different ways to sell on Kidizen which we will cover in the section below.

Kidizen Fees:

Kidizen's fee is 12% plus $0.50 per transaction. You can purchase your shipping label through Kidizen or ship on your own. Note that the 12% does not apply to any shipping costs. 

How Does Vendoo Help You Keep Your Kidizen Inventory Organized?

Apart from allowing users to crosspost to up to 10 different marketplaces, with Vendoo you can also easily manage your inventory with the following features:

VIP onboarding catered to your needs

Filter by draft, active and sold listings

Removal of sold items from marketplaces

Filter items by marketplaces they’re listed on

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Create up to 50 customized Vendoo filters to segment your inventory

Hands-off listing & delisting of inventory

Filter inventory by SKUs

Is It Safe to Sell On Kidizen?

Yes! Kidizen is a safe place to buy and sell kid’s clothing. Kidizen is a legit marketplace and one of the most popular platforms for kids’ clothing and accessories.

Tips for Selling Clothes on Kidizen:

Make sure to have the app on your phone as Kidizen is a mobile-first marketplace

Make sure the clothes are in good condition

Make sure to take good photos of your items highlighting important details about them

Price your products fairly by looking at comps or using the Sellhound app

Kidizen Vendoo Marketplaces

How do you get paid on Kidizen?

When you make a sale, you now have money pending in your account which will be released to you when you ship the order. 


How long do sellers have to ship when an item sells on Kidizen?

Kidizen advises sellers to ship within a period of 5 days after an order has been placed. However, the sooner the seller ships an item the better the experience is for your customers. 

After 7 days of making the purchase, the buyer has the right to ask for a refund if the order hasn’t been shipped. 

Kidizen also has a “Vacation Mode” feature, if you turn on this feature, your listings will not be shown to any users.

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