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About the Guests:
Nicole State

Nicole State

Nicole is a wife, mother and successful full-time reseller on Poshmark and eBay. She specializes in finding value in secondhand clothing and has scaled that into a business that generates six figures in annual sales. Nicole is also a content creator and she shares her knowledge and reselling expertise on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Reezy Resells

Reezy Resells

Michael Rezendes II (Reezy) is a true underdog story from having been a high school dropout and food stamp recipient to selling over $5 MILLION in lifetime sales using Amazon fulfilment services. He began documenting and sharing his journey with the public in order to inspire thousands of people worldwide to follow the hustle. His passion for supporting fellow underdogs and impact their lives in a positive way. His mission now is to continue to help and support people around the world through his Youtube channel, podcast, local speaking events and shows. Through his content and useful resources, viewers and followers are shown that they can change their life using the internet, it is not the 1920s anymore! They can see first hand what is possible when you start building your own online business.

Vogue Vendoo testimonial

Vogue Squared

Josh McAlary and his business partner operate Vogue Squared, which has been in business for almost 7 years with 2 full-time employees. Josh has been reselling since he was 17, focusing mainly on men’s clothing, but has expanded to furniture and antiques. Vogue Squared has also focused on building strategies to constantly increase sales and optimize costs, to ensure their growth.

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